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Palma Electric Medical Table_edited.png

Pre-owned Palma Electric Medical Spa Treatment Table (Black)

  • Fully electric Treatment table except for rotation: Foot control, side control, and hand remote control

  • Head cushion; tilt adjustable/removable Leg cushion; adjustable/removable Removable arms Seat tilt function Manual rotation system Breather hole

  • Dimensions: (L x W x H) 73" x 32" x 23.5"-37" Headrest extension: +/- 3" Backrest angle: 0° to 90° Seat angle: 0° to 10° Rotation: 0° to 240° Footrest angle: 0° to 85° Height up and down: 25" - 37" Footrest extension: +/- 5.5" Colors available: black or white

  • Weight: 203lbs Capacity of 350 lbs

  • Selling Price is $1,250.00 Plus shipping and Taxes

Pre-owned Sidmar Aqua Bed MFG. 2016

Pre-owned 2841 Advanced Traction Head
• Static, intermittent, and cycling traction
• Independent timers allow easy customization of traction pulls in progressive, regressive, and traction phases
• Variable speed motor (30%, 50% and 100%)
• Pretension step eases the patient into traction to to help prevent muscle guarding and pretest patient’s tolerance to traction force
• Clinical Protocols™ provided for both cervical and lumbar conditions
• Full color graphic library complete with visual tutorial of belting techniques, anatomical images and common pathologies
• Digital high resolution color touch screen that pivots 270º
• 80 User defined protocol slots
• Easily store treatment parameters, pain scales, and pain maps on Patient Data Cards
• Upgrade with the optional EMG module

Selling Price is $2,795.00 plus shipping and taxes


Pre-owned Elite Stationary 21" Height 3 drop table $1200,00 as is in working order with 21" wide cushions

treatment table 3.jpg
Elite Stationary.jpg

Pr-owned Elite Stationary 20" Height with a Pelvic Drop and 21" wide cushions as is in working order $900.00

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