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         DREI is all about growth within the professional community that we service. It's a great opportunity to sell a product in a professional atmosphere, and show how the proper operation of the unit helps promote good health to all businesses involved. We want to see the impact as that chain reaction takes effect not only in the business, but in the community as well. Why we do what we do? We love it and expect to grow with the industry as it evolves into the next level, never forgetting were we have come from, and where we are going along the way. DREI is always grateful for the friends, colleagues, associates, and the relationships that we have made along the way, to help increase our healthy growing family.

         DREI is well rooted since being established in August of 2007. As two men started this company with over 65 plus years of experience and knowledge in the industry of digital X-Ray, adjustable tables, PT equipment, laser therapy, and many other pieces of assorted equipment. Specializing in chiropractic, veterinary, medical, and podiatry services. As we evolve in the next stage of this business, we take along with us a great group of practitioners who have allowed us the opportunity to branch out together and grow as a professional in the community, and support one another.

         DREI is a dedicated company to improving the experience and quality of purchasing new and pre-owned equipment. We not only sell it, but we train, educate, service, and support the products. At the helm of the company we have president Alan Rubert and Vice President Kevin Verdeur. Combined we have 65 plus years of experience and education dealing with many small to medium size businesses. What hurts the most is to see someone purchase something they do not need or perhaps don't use the product, do to a lack of understanding of how the unit works, and can benefit their practice. We are always looking for better, faster, more accurate ways of improving the experience for the end user, this in turn helps enhance their business. The smoother the transition the happier everyone is across the board. 

        We as a local company are involved with supporting the local association groups of many professions and professional organizations. Including our own personal and company goals contributing to our local area and charity such as the woman's breast cancer, Shriner's Hospital, and local charity events such as Mavrik Laxton Charity. 

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