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Upgrade your analog X-Ray system to digital. Improve image quality, a more affordable solution for Chiropractic.


We have cushions and upholstery available for all makes and models of tables.

Table Sales:

DREI sells and repairs chiropractic tables. Please take a look at our items for sale.


Gambale Traction Chair

PCT Table.jpg

PCT X-PRO ELEVATION TABLE the latest and greatest table to come on the market.

Therapy Laser

 Vectra Genisys Transport Laser

Dynatron Solaris® Plus 708, 3 Ch. Stim/Ultrasound - TriWave & ThermoStim

Zenith III  Hi Low

LLOYD Ultimate

HILL AirFlex

Digital X-Ray 


Flat Panels 

EB Medical

VIVIX 17x17

Examvue CR-Pro

The Examvue  PACS offers a complete workflow solution for your practice needs at an affordable price. With multi-viewing licenses the Examvue networking allows your digital images to be displayed and viewed in your exam room and areas that are equipped with PC’s immediately after they have been scanned.

RPW brochure.jpg

Intelect® Mobile 2 RPW

GTR Labs  Generator and console.png
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